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Global Investment Universe

Out of the 77.000 listed global equities, we select approximately 14.000 using the Ostrica Man & Machine Process. This produces our investable universe, called the Ostrica Investment Universe.

The Ostrica Man & Machine Process is an ongoing equity & bond selection system that examines market restrictions, liquidity, data robustness and accessibility.

The Ostrica Investment Universe is reviewed on a bi-monthly basis.

Ostrica investment strategies are allowed to only invest in the Ostrica investable universe.

Market restrictions

Certain markets face too many restrictions to get risk adjusted acceptable returns. Therefor Ostrica screens its universe for market frictions created by government regulations, market participants and competitors. If market frictions are too high, Ostrica does not invest.


The best strategy is worthless if it cannot be executed owing to liquidity constraints.

Ensuring liquidity maintains a healthy and agile portfolio, and minimizes transaction costs.

A minimum requirement on size, free float, and daily volume are therefore applied.

Our Aproach

Ostrica regards a structured and innovative investment process as the most important condition in asset management and investment solutions.

Only a clear, well-organised and disciplined process leads to consistent, optimised returns. In the complex financial markets of today, only the investors, who are able to filter the relevant information from available data and transform it into investment policy, can successfully refine their portfolios to new trends and developments.

Risk Management

Drawdown management enabled by financial technology
Wealth protection is within reach with Ostrica’s Fintech solutions. Our unique investment strategies are designed to protect your assets from market uncertainty while increasing return. We do this by using a highly quantitative investment approach. Ostrica is your innovation partner when it comes to developing new strategies that contain downside risks and enhance long term return.

Download our white paper to see how we focus on the rationale and results of our strategy for equity market risk.


Equity selection based on a systematic quantitative approach to capture behavioural biases in the market.

1,400 signals are analyzed per equity to determine its trend, as well as overall market momentum.

Our system finds the best combination of equities that offer a superior risk adjusted return.

Our Process

We offer services to a wide variety of clients across the globe, ranging from government institutions, financial institutions, pension funds, trusts and foundations to high net worth individuals. Our mission is to deliver to clients a total solution that maintains risk-control. The investment process follows a philosophy of Asset-Liability Management based on downside risk, and the Man & Machine investment concept- as set out in the diagram below.

Our Invest pyramid

Our investment management solutions are built on the latest investment insights which are fed through our proprietary software platforms, guided by our research and development team. This investment process is integrated into every layer of our investment pyramid to support the decision making process, and thus realise our Man & Machine concept.

The entire structured and disciplined process enables Ostrica to offer continuously optimised solutions to our clients on all three layers or on any specific layer, catered to specific client wishes resulting in an optimal investment solution that consistently provides optimised returns.

GIPS Reporting

As of 2014 an external auditor will audit the figures of all funds and check whether they comply with the Undertaking of Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) investment rules. Before 2014 we complied with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), a set of standardized, industry-wide ethical principles that provide investment management firms with guidance on how to calculate and report their investment results to prospective clients.

This improves the dialogue between Ostrica and our clients.

The advantages of UCITS and GIPS® for (potential) investors at Ostrica:

  • Verified by an independent accountant on:
  • the numbers
  • the procedure
  • performance measurement process
  • More reliance in the accuracy of the performance of the asset manager.
  • All portfolios are taken into account.
  • Enhanced comparability.



Why we do it:

  • Small size advantage: Agile & Nimble.
  • Markets are inefficient & Market Participants are irrational: We exploit that.
  • Invasion of Technology in Financial Markets: We embrace that.

  Process & Strategy

How we do it:

  • Quantitative strategies amalgamated with technology
  • Optimal mix of experienced & dynamic human resource

  Products & Services

What we do:

  • Direct Asset management services to retail & institutional clients.
  • Comprehensive investment solutions.

Ostrica uses a unique investment process, based on the Man & Machine concept, which combines traditional fundamental analysis with quantitative tools to support a well-structured transparent decision process and deliver consistent optimized returns for our clients.

Asset allocation: balancing risk & reward in portfolios

Ostrica offers multiple structured asset allocation strategies

  • Risk Parity Optimization
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation using trend and valuation
  • Return versus drawdown optimization using simulation techniques
  • Optimal diversification across asset classes (9 funds)

Benefits of structured asset allocation

  • Higher geometric returns
  • Managing drawdown
  • Lower volatility

Ostrica Funds

Who's who at Ostrica



31 Jul 19 Dividend proceedings

We would like to inform you regarding the dividend proceedings of year 2018 per fund including the relevant dates:

  • Record date 31/07/2019
  • Ex-date 01/08/2019

The net dividends will (by default) be reinvested NAV date 26/08/2019.

If however you want to receive the net dividend proceedings in cash, you will have to contact us directly and state this explicitly before 14h 16/08/2019. In case we won’t get a reply from you, the net dividend proceedings will be reinvested at date 26/08/2019. If you have chosen a cash payment, you will receive the cash with value date 22/08/2019.

For details of applicable amounts see the schedule below. There are no dividend proceedings for the remaining Ostrica funds.

ISIN FUND NAME Gross dividend per share witholding tax 15% net dividend
Ostrica Equities Developed Markets Fund € 0,1800 € 0,0270 € 0,1530
NL0010649737 OSTRICA EQ EMERGING MARKETS FUND € 0,0700 € 0,0105 € 0,0595
NL0010649752 EU Government Bond Ostrica Fund € 0,2200 € 0,0330 € 0,1870
NL0010649760 US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Ostrica Fund € 0,4800 € 0,0720 € 0,4080
NL0010649778 EU Investment Grade Corporate Bond Ostrica Fund € 0,3100 € 0,0465 € 0,2635
NL0010649794 Ostrica Global High Yield Bond Fund € 0,8200 € 0,1230 € 0,6970
NL0010649802 OSTRICA EM MARKET DEBT FUND € 0,0800 € 0,0120 € 0,0680


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